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Back office management

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Stepping ahead of the industry, we now are able to integrate Back Office SMART cloud solutions into our installations to provide the user with capabilities to monitor the Electric Vehicle Charge Stations usage.


You are able to control and view designated driver information. You can specify the charge point to operate as a 'Free to Use', 'Designated Authorised Use' or even set the price (£) to which you want to charge the driver for any allocated time slot. Drivers can access via the use of a phone app. Back office management solutions from the cloud can be viewed from any desktop PC (Subject to existing IT internet connected systems).


Load Monitoring management

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Due to the increasing uptake of Electric Vehicle Charge Stations, it is a UK regulatory requirement to ALL installers before charge Stations(s) be installed at any property, that a satisfactory load assessment is carried out of the additional electrical loads required by Electric Vehicle Charge Stations and that these additional kW loads are suitably calculated before being connected onto a buildings existing electrical supply.


It can be found on many occasions that while customers have good intentions to install Electric Vehicle Charge Stations at their property, it is often found that the property's electrical supply can not meet the demand of the new charge points when in active use. As a consequence, this can place additional excessive loads onto the incoming protection device to the building, potentially resulting in power outages through blown fuses causing extreme inconvenience to the everyday running of the workplace or home environment. This quite often leads to further inconvenience and additional costs to the user associated with calling out an engineer to repair these fuses etc.

Many installers over look these fundamental principles to electrical circuit design.

It is also a UK regulatory requirement that installers notify the 'District Network Operator' of the customer's intention to install an Electric Vehicle Charge Point at their premises.


To overcome these problems often associated with the installation of Electric Vehicle Charge Points and the additional loads, we assess and design the additional circuit(s) taking into account total electrical loading required by the charge stations and taking into account if the customer request that they wish to expand the infrastructure to include additional charge points in the future. 


We will NOT take short cuts, during the design procedure of your new circuit(s), they will be calculated accordingly and if it comes to our attention that you require load monitoring systems in place to protect your current electrical supply from failing, we will provide the information and offer the necessary correct advice in assisting you to move forward with your project.


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