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Our Commercial Sector in Electrical Installations is hugely varied across different structures and systems, focusing on Low Energy Systems, Data Communication Systems, Fire Alarms, Shop Fitting, 3 Phase Electrical Systems, Disabled Alarms, Office Power and Led  Lighting

Low Energy


In todays Current Environment and with increasing costs it has become ever more of a concern that we are finding with our customers that they are focused on saving energy, either through their own admission or  through their managment schemes.


So we are happy to provide information and draw up a plan with you to meet any low energy cost plans that you may have.


In the Market now we have seen a huge flux in LED based lighting Modular fittings that consume much less electricty than the Flourescent based lighting, Requires hardly any maintence and long term, there is a  much less overall out-going cost factor.

Data Communications


Whether you are a large office or a small office, we provide Data cabinets, with Internal Patch Panels and wiring that can be taken to any room allowing for full Telephone, Ethernet Communications across the Board to suit your needs

Fire Alarms



If you are after a fully operational Fire Alarm System, whether it be inside a communal hallway leading to internal flat properties, or an office block, we can assess and draw up a plan Depending on the level of protection that you require.



We Work to the BS5839 Fire Alarm Regulations, we also provide an on-going maintence contract for either new, or previously installed systems, if required.



We install conventianl systems, or  fully addressable systems


If you require assistance  we can advise you.



Emergency Lighting



We Install Emergency Lighting to BS5266, whether it be in Entertainment Complexes or Office Buildings. We can assess and work out a plan to suit the layout of the building and its necessary main areas and escape routes.


We can also provide a Quarterly or Annual Maintenance contract to new or existing systems.


Give us a call on (023)92 484333 or send a message and we will get back to you to provide helpful advice or discuss your specific requirements.

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