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connector types

The following displayed connector types are currently used on Electric Vehicle charging leads or fixed to charging stations where a tethered lead is present. These are variations, but specific vehicle manufactures data should be consulted for correct connection type.

Type 1  - This is a 5-pin AC connector generally found on Asian

and American vehicles. Known as a Type 1, J772 connector, also

known as a Yazaki connector.

Type 2 - A 7-pin AC connector generally found on European vehicles.

Known as a Type 2, IEC62196 connector, also known as a Mennekes connector

CHAdeMO - This is known as the trade name for a quick charging method,

delivering DC through a special connector. Usually used by vehicle manufactures

of Asia and Japan.

CCS Combo - This version is a more compact and less complicated than the

CHAdeMO connector. Additionally there are two DC connectors underneath the

Type 1 or Type 2 charge connectors.

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