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Introduction into Electric Vehicles (EV) & Charging points

Whether you are a homeowner, business director or company with a fleet of Electric Vehicles who has or is about to acquire and benefit from the low costs of traveling, combined with reduced emissions.

Choosing an Electric Vehicle at this moment in time could not be more exciting. With government and manufacture investment being directed towards the technology we are seeing at an increasing rate, better capabilities of Electric Vehicles, increased life span of batteries, increased miles and now more and more major car manufactures joining the list to bring out either hybrid or full electric vehicles for the consumer market.


Global oil prices have been volatile, the argument of increasing emissions polluting the atmosphere. Now governments, agencies, manufactures and consumers are acknowledging that moving towards a greener future is a step in the right direction.

Here at Pencol Electrical Ltd, We specialize in  domestic and commercial installations. Either operating under the EV  Charge Point Grant for landlords and tenants, the Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) or as per individual customer application request.

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