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Domestic Electric Vehicle Grant system

As an authorized installer under the Office For Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV), we have partnered with manufactures of Electric Vehicle (EV) Charge Points to be able to offer the Government 75% subsidy off the total cost of the electrical installation of a Electric Vehicle charge point for flat owners-occupiers, people living in rented properties, and registered landlords

This entails that a contribution of up to 75% (Capped at £350, including VAT) of the total cost of the EV Charge Point is reduced from the final cost of installation (subject to specific criteria).

Do you meet the eligibility criteria for the government grant? (Click here) (Significant changes to the scheme due April 2022)


Installation Terms & Conditions

Providing that the installation of your EV Charge Point falls within the standard installation specification, in combination with the grant subsidy,  installation costs are from:


                                                                     (Subject to additional Site survey and eligible criteria)

Charge Point Type                                                                         Cost of install

16amp (type 2) charging                                                        
socket charging unit                                                                               

32amp (type 2) charging
socket charging unit                                                                               

16amp (type 1) tethered
lead charging unit                                                                                 

16amp (type 2) tethered
lead charging unit                                                                                  

32amp (type 1) tethered
lead charging unit                                                                                  

32amp (type 2) tethered
lead charging unit                                                                                  


Standard Installation Specification

  • The chosen Wallpod Charge Point

  • The property's consumer unit must be RCD protected and have a spare way for protecting the outgoing charge point circuit

  • Cable to be surface mounted - clipped direct

  • No ground works

  • The Charge Point must have SMART technology built in with the capability to be remotely accessed (Requires to be connected to the customers home Wi-Fi

  • The property must have an earthing arrangement complying with current regulations

  • The property must have off road parking. (Evidence from the properties deeds may need to be provided)

  • The property is within 75 miles (150 miles round trip) of an approved installer or their satellite installer

  • The Applicant must comply with all current OZEV terms and conditions


Additional costs (to be negotiated prior to installation between the applicant and installer)

​The following information provides a guideline of work that is considered to be beyond the standard installation specification:

The necessity to install a mini consumer unit with overload and fault current protection due to:

                                       a) the property's consumer unit having insufficient capacity/protection

                                            for the charge point circuit to be incorporated within / or existing incompatibility issues.

                                       b) the applicant wishing to have an independent charge point consumer unit

                                            installed separately from the main property consumer unit.

  • Any additional mechanical protection required for the cabling, i.e trunking, conduit etc.

  • Any cable chasing requested by the applicant

  • Any ground works requested by the applicant

  • The necessity to introduce an alternative earthing system, i.e an electrode/inspection chamber

  • The property being further away than 75 miles (150 mile round trip) from an approved installer or their satellite installer's base

  • Any additional or unusual works requested by the applicant in order for the install to take place, i.e gas and water bonding, equipment clearing, plumbing work etc.


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