PAT Testing

What is PAT testing?


-Portable Appliance Testing




Why is it necessary to maintain Electrical Equipment?


-The idea is to determine whether electrical equipment is fit for continued service or if  maintenance or replacement is necessary.


Within the work place the every day use of appliances, from kettles, toasters, hand dryers, printers, drills, wandering leads and so on, can lead to degrade and deterioration. Fires have been known to have started from faulty electrical appliances. As well as Electric Shock which can kill or seriously injure people.





Who is Responsible?


-The Electricity at Work Regulations requires, in Regulation 4(2), that:


"As may be necessary to prevent danger, all systems shall be maintained so as to prevent, so far as is reasonably practable, such danger."



  • Duty Holders

  • Users of Electrical Equipment

  • Hirers and suppliers of Hired equipment

  • Landlords and Property Mangagement in control of Multiple Occupation(HMOs)

  • Competent persons looking afer and over seeing the visual testing and in charge of routine maintence within their work place.






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