Privacy Policy

By visiting, you give consent for third party applications being utilized by this website to collect and/or store information about your visit. 

This information will include your approx location based from your IP address, and details of pages visited, along with your basic operating system information.

This information is utilized by these third party's to enhance your browsing experience with our website.

Tracking cookies may be placed on your system to enhance your experience with our website.

All data that may be collected is PERSONALLY UNIDENTIFIABLE to us at 'Pencol Electrical Ltd' unless you submit a question to us through one of our website forms, where we will collect information submitted, such as your name, email address, and any information that you initially  provide to us.

We at Pencol Electrical will hold this information to allow us to communicate back to you the information that you initially seek to request. We will not sell, or disclose your information to any other private or commercial companies or person(s). We would have to submit to law enforcement if requested to do so.

We are unable to fully disclose in a detailed format how third party applications of use site visiter's information. We recommend that you contact them directly for this information.

At any point, any visitor may request to see the information we have collected from your visit to our website. Additionally, you may request to have this information removed from our records.

Further, any visitor may request to know which third party applications are in use on website.

This Privacy Policy is an attempt to comply with current EU Regulations based upon the transparency of user data brought into operation as from 25th May, 2018

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