Inspection & Testing

If you require an updated report on your electrical installation, whether it be Domestic, Commercial, Industrial. We provide expertese and experience,  who know what to look for, through all different situations and scenarios.


We visually inspect as well as break the circuit down to reveal any underlying deteriation, existing damage or defects within the electrical system.


Usually it is highly recommended to carry out a 'Electrical Condition Report' on:-


  • A change of ownership of rented property (Landlords)

  • On a Periodic bases (etc. 10 years for a standard domestic family home)

  • To satisfy insurance companies

  • Signs have been found within the property of wear and tear

  • Moving home

  • To assess that the installation still complys to current Electrical Regulations. 

  • Or maybe just for your own peace of mind.



Give us a call on (023)92 484333 or send us a message and we will get back to you to provide helpful advice or discuss your specific requirements.





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