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Thermographic Imaging


Under a thermal imaging (Thermographic Imaging) examination we provide a detailed report with precise documented snapshots of where excessive temperatures are present on electrical equipment and machinery. We can identify various abnormal surface temperatures of both overloaded electrical systems, electrical joints and connections as well as mechanical friction stress. Ultimately, as well as providing a safety check, this could save you costly repair or inspection bills on equipment that you may suspect of, or is showing signs of overheating. 


This inspection is both non-invasive and convenient in the fact that we do not need to interfere with the operations of mechanical and electrical systems whilst we provide you with this service.

Commercial/ Industril


As well as providing a thermal survey of your entire electrical system, we can target specific equipment, electro-mechanical or hard wired electrical distribution systems depending on your needs. We assess for unusal temperatures on motor bearings, belts, distribution boards, individual fuse linkages, and equal or excess loading across fuse carriers.

Electrical Condition Reporting


You can opt to have the additional themal imaging done along side your existing electrical inspection and condition report. or you can simply choose to have this done as a seperate service.

Other key benefits


  - Identifying problems before they become expensive failures


  - Improve Risk Managment


  - Save energy by understanding where heat is being wasted


  - Understand energy usage


  - Receive a detailed report explaining the problems found and how to        go about correcting these.










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